Online Applicant Testing

About Us

Simusuite is the collective name for all the tests available from Simucall which can be used by all employers for any role within their organisation. We can trace our roots back to 1993 when we created our first tests for programmers and analysts. However it was in 1997 when things really took off. Our MD was approached by one of the country’s leading emergency services who were having difficulty recruiting the right people into their call centre operator roles. As they kept experiencing, despite testing at interview stage, many candidates were not effective once employed, or put very simply, could not do the job.

The solution to their problem is still being used by them (and many others!) today. The only difference is that it is now fully automated and online. Although originally designed for the Emergency Services, we expanded the simulated environments to cover most call centre applications. We can even create bespoke environments for clients who are in specialised industries.

For call centres, Simucall’s simulated calling environments test something that simple battery tests alone cannot: the ability to translate and process auditory information and record it accurately, whilst under realistic time constraints. It means that an individual will hear simulated calls — both the caller and the call operative — and will have to record what they hear in real time. The test will assess their ability to record information accurately, to work under pressure, and to be able to pick out the salient points of a conversation. Most importantly, it works. It is also not unusual to see individuals who perform really well at general battery tests sometimes failing at Simucall.

In 2019, just before the global pandemic, we were asked if we could add more assessments to the simulated calling test. Many wanted to test roles that were not call centre related, such as office staff and managers. We asked clients what they wanted and from that came the huge list of available tests, as well as the ability to completely write your own for very specific purposes. The one thing clients all requested was to have a single report for each applicant that enabled them to determine the indicative suitability to a role.

Some clients use Simusuite as a way of reducing the amount of people they need to interview by testing applicants at shortlisting stage. Others use the assessments after first interview to identify who should go forward to second interview and also to produce a list of questions from the applicant report for managers or HR to probe.

Our system has been used to successfully by organisations to recruit the best people they can, whilst saving them huge amounts of time at the interview selection stage and also massively reducing the risk of employing someone who is not suitable or capable to carry out the role.