Online Applicant Testing
  • Taking the guesswork out of recruitment

  • Simusuite is an online testing facility for employers to assess individuals at any stage of the application process. From specialist environments, such as banking or emergency services, to numeracy and spelling tests, our easy to use online system enables specific profiles to be created for any role in your organisation. Reports are generated immediately a test is complete, allowing you to identify easily those who could meet the skills required for your vacancy from those who simply cannot. From as little as £5 per test and only pay for completed tests!

  • Saving you time, money and effort, whilst minimising the costly risk of hiring unsuitable people.

  • Simusuite exists for two main and equally important reasons

    Quality – our system ensures that the applicants you interview are competent to carry out the core tasks of the role. Whether that is the original Simucall assessment to ensure Call Handlers can accurately record what they hear or whether it is a numeracy test to check your potential credit controller has numeracy skills, we exist to stop expensive mistakes. We provide true skills-based recruitment which reduces early attrition through job specific assessment and allows an objective review of those without prior relevant experience, which allows you to broaden your applicant pool.

    Time and Money – we exist to save HR & Recruiting managers time and money. Our system is simple and intuitive, and allows you to set a preselected battery of assessments for a particular applicant, almost with a single click. Applicants either carry the tests out in their own time up to the deadline you set or can take part in your own internal Assessment Centres, whichever is your preference and with both, you get the results immediately.

    Prioritise your time and only interview those who you know have the skills required without wasting valuable time on those who have no potential to thrive, so you can capture the best applicants before your competitors do. Tests are simple to set, simple for applicants to use and it’s simple to review results.

    See how companies use Simusuite  in their recruitment process but just to give a single example of how you can save time and money – a major organisation using our tool found that 30% of those who looked good on their application and whom they otherwise would have interviewed were actually incapable of the core task of the role, this allowed them to move quicker with the other 70% who they could also rank by score pre first interview.

    Indicative and Bespoke Tests

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