Online Applicant Testing

Personality and Representative Team Indicator (PARTI)

The PARTI©assessment has been developed from a combination of the Big Five Personality Traits (with 50+ years of research and as used by most mainstream personality profile tools) and the IPIP framework, to provide a robust indication of personality type.  We use the IPIP Neo 120 set of questions which gives a greater granularity to the results. Our assessment is also finely tuned to demographic, rather than being a generic test. This means that individual profiles will be more accurate. Additionally, in September 2023, this test will be available for candidates to take in their own preferred language (there will be a choice of 27 non-English languages) so that the nuances of the questions are not lost on those for whom English is not their first language.

Additionally, based on our decades of experience in talent and team management with a broad spectrum of organisations, from SME to global financial institutions, we have included our own likely team behaviour indicator. We call this combination PARTI©

As an additional benefit, we produce a comprehensive report which also includes suggested competency-based questions for use during an interview. These questions will be based on high or low scoring traits and will include two questions: one for the individual and one which focuses on their likely behaviour in a team.