Online Applicant Testing

Bespoke Tests – create your own

There may be occasions where you would want to test against specific criteria that are unique to your organisation or the role. For example, you may wish to test a candidate’s understanding of employment law, financial terminology, technical or industry specific knowledge.

You simply create the questions and provide the answers. We will then create a bespoke test for you.

You need to provide a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 questions. They can be free text entry or multiple choice answers.

We do not charge a fee to create up to 3 bespoke tests and you may create as many as you wish, however there is a standard charge of £100 +VAT to create each additional test beyond that.

The tests that you create are only available to you and not to any other Simusuite user.

Call us for more details or to create your first bespoke test.